Choosing the Right Lawyer is the Key

As the founder of a large government funded organization, it was a difficult decision to choose counsel for our complex workplace situation. Greenwood Law had the experience across a variety of areas to help us through what was a difficult time. They were clear about costs, what to expect and how to move forward. We are so happy with the outcome and have been able to get back to doing business.

- E.V.

Everything changed for the better

Jessyca is a professional, and intelligent lawyer, she always finds the best strategy short and long term. The moment she took my case, everything changed for the better, and it was solved in the best possible way. I recommend her 100%.

- Carlos V.

Recommending Greenwood Law

They answered all my questions and gave me great advice for my DUI case. They will do whatever it takes to help you. The rates are extremely reasonable. I would highly recommend their services when it comes to your criminal case. They won’t let you down. Thanks so much, Jess; you made things smooth and seamless.

- Roland

Jessyca Showed up for Me

Jessyca is the most awesome, caring, and compassionate person I ever met. My criminal case outcome was really important because it would have directly impacted my custody battle over my child. It was a very complicated case, but she took her time and listened to my whole story. In the end, my criminal charge was dismissed thanks to Jessyca’s professionalism and hard work so that I could concentrate on my custody battle. I was able to get back my life (my son) thanks to her. Thank you Jessyca.

- Derya